2 Gedanken zu “Inventari

  1. Lovely!! 🙂
    To complete the post, these are the lyrics translated into English… Sorry it can’t be German… 🙂

    Winter goes by and I can’t manage to delete from my memories some of the special moments we lived during the two months and twenty-one days that we took on the world, you and I. Today I need to put a full stop, I want to make an inventory of all your gifts, which are impossible to keep at the bottom of a drawer:
    a blue envelope;
    million text messages;
    an e-mail, which I keep consciously, like an amulet;
    a bookmark;
    million songs with your fingerprint;
    a key ring with the shape of a lizard;
    a ticket of the last toll before Sabadell;
    a parcel bomb that didn’t explode, which I keep in some safe place.
    And there’s more:
    I have a card of Can Rectoret;
    a long poem, Christmas gift;
    half a dozen of pictures posted on facebook
    and a creased poster of Muse;
    a cinema ticket
    and these jeans;
    three days at l’Escala,
    the trip to Paris
    and every city we burnt.
    The memories are so many that I lost count…

    Gefällt mir

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